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The BioDryClean Process

BioDryClean uses cellulose based “micro sponges” containing a mild organic solvent, natural surfactants, anti-static and anti-bacterial agents as well as citrus perfumes. A pH of 7.5 ensures that the process is suitable for all types of carpet and upholstery ranging from wool to synthetic blends.  Our eco-friendly dry cleaning compound is evenly spread over the carpet and immediately agitated into the pile using a counter rotating brush machine.  Each “micro sponge” is impregnated with a 100% organic cleaning solution that dissolves dirt and stains.  The agitation process activates the “micro sponge” and the dissolved dirt is absorbed and captured.  Each “micro sponge” can absorb 10 X its own weight.  Once full, the “micro sponge” is ready to be vacuumed away leaving the carpet DRY & CLEAN.

The BioDryClean Advantage

Healthier Living:  Kills germs and bacteria and sanitizes your carpet making your home a healthier environment.

Eco-Friendly:  100% organic process, ZERO water usage, uses a fraction of the power of wet processes. 

ZERO Dry Time:  Once the "Micro Sponges" have been agitated into the carpet pile, foot traffic can resume.

Amazing Results:  Deep cleans carpets leaving ZERO residue and ZERO potential for stain "wick back".

Convenient:  No noisy truck cleaner, no long hoses, no open doors and windows, no fans needed for drying.

30 Day Clean Carpet Guarantee:  If you are not delighted with the services provided by BioDryClean, contact us within 30 days and we will return at no charge to reclean any area you feel needs additional attention.

BioDryClean MAX 1 yr Warranty:  Every "whole house" BioDryClean MAX package comes with a 1 year warranty that includes spill response and interim cleanings.  See full warranty here.

We offer two levels of service BioDryClean MAX and BioDryClean ZipDry.  See Carpet Care to learn more.

              Use this Pricing Calculator for a "to the penny" estimate while comparing competitor pricing.

      Bio Dry Clean MAX deep cleans, disinfects, sanitizes, deodorizes and protects, no hidden charges ever! 


.                   Pricing for rooms up to 300 square feet.  Price adjusted accordingly for larger rooms.  Minimum charge $100.                                             Competitor pricing based on clean, protect and deodorize estimates from competitors websites as  of  4/5/15.  


       Three Room Cleaning Special $99                 Pet Odor Removal Services in Columbia MO              Guaranteed 30Day Dry Carpet Cleaning Processes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



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