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Affordable Rug Cleaning Columbia and Jefferson City, MO

It goes without saying that BioDryClean offers the highest quality and most affordable dry carpet cleaning in Mid-Missouri but what about rug cleaning?  Yes, BioDryClean offers affordable rug cleaning to Columbia and Jefferson City, MO residents as well as surrounding communities.  We generally use the same eco-friendly, 100% organic, kid and pet safe processes for your rugs as we do for your carpets.  There could be a few exceptions depending on various factors.

You can rest assure that we do a thorough inspection of your rug to determine the proper cleaning method prior to initiating service.  Whether you purchased bargain priced area rugs or a super expensive timeless treasure, we will need to know it’s material of construction to know how to properly care for it.  Most area rugs can be successfully cleaned with any type of carpet cleaning method, but the cleaning chemistry may vary by area rug fiber type or dye method.  

Many area rugs are blended with two or more fibers in the pile.  Manufacturers blend fibers to help offset the weaker qualities of certain fiber types. Blended fibers become more durable than either fiber would be alone.  Typical fiber blends include wool/nylon, nylon/olefin, nylon/acrylic, wool/silk, jute/wool, sisal/wool, and cotton/rayon.  We have a thorough understanding of the chemistry required to successfully and safely clean and maintain your rugs.

One of the benefits of selecting BioDryClean to be your rug cleaner of choice is that we offer on-site rug cleaning.  In most cases rugs are cleaned on-site and are dry, clean, deodorized and ready for immediate use after we clean.  The other advantage is cost.  Since we clean on-site, we save money on travel and labor time and we pass the savings on to you.  Yes, we offer affordable rug cleaning to Columbia and Jefferson City, MO homes as well as surrounding communities. 

Call BioDryClean today (573) 590-2491 and LOVE your rugs again!

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