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How to Remove Kool-Aid Stains from Carpet in Columbia and Jefferson City, MO

Its summer time and the kids are home from school.  Kool-Aid is a staple in many households especially in the summer months.  Often times despite your best effort accidental spills... Read More »

The Power of BioDryClean Dry Carpet Cleaning, Jefferson City and Columbia, MO

There are several ways to go about maintaining the looks and cleanliness of your carpets.  Not all carpet cleaning processes are created equally.  The carpet cleaning industry standard for... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Red Wine Stains, Columbia and Jefferson City, MO

Tomorrow evening you are hosting your first wine tasting party ever but you are a little nervous about the potential for spills on your new carpet.  The last thing you need is a red wine spill... Read More »

Affordable Rug Cleaning Columbia and Jefferson City, MO

It goes without saying that BioDryClean offers the highest quality and most affordable dry carpet cleaning in Mid-Missouri but what about rug cleaning?  Yes, BioDryClean offers affordable rug... Read More »

Dry Carpet Cleaning Reduces Allergens, Jefferson City and Columbia, MO

The Asthma & Allergy Foundation states, “An allergy is characterized as an overreaction of the human immune system to a foreign protein substance (“allergen”) that is eaten,... Read More »

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Professional in Jefferson City and Columbia, MO

BioDryClean is the leader in Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Jefferson City and Columbia, MO.  What is Eco-Friendly?  Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly or not harmful to the... Read More »

Discount Carpet Cleaning Specials, Jefferson City, Missouri 65109

  Discount carpet cleaning specials….are they really a good deal or are you being misled or scammed by receiving poor quality workmanship that results in nothing more than soaked... Read More »

Dry Carpet Cleaning Professional Jefferson City, Missouri 65109

Dry carpet cleaning professional in Jefferson City, Missouri?  Yes, you read the headline correctly.  How is that possible and how does it work you may be wondering?  Most people... Read More »

Tough Stains on Carpets Jefferson City MO

  How to Deal with Tough Stains on Carpets    Stains that are left in our carpets have a means of creeping within the fibers. If they are not tackled right away, they have a... Read More »