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Discount Carpet Cleaning Specials, Jefferson City, Missouri 65109


Discount carpet cleaning specials….are they really a good deal or are you being misled or scammed by receiving poor quality workmanship that results in nothing more than soaked carpets?  It’s a sad fact that the carpet cleaning industry is plagued with misleading advertising promotions that lure customers into a tangled web of bait and switch or hit and run carpet cleaning scams.

Discount carpet cleaning specials in Jefferson City 65109 may be delivered to you by postal mail or as an insert through your local newspaper.  Often times the specials will seem too good to be true, specials like “Whole house cleaning for $99” or “3 areas for $49”.  If a homeowner takes the “bait” (the cheap pricing) and makes an appointment with the cleaner, the bait and switch process begins.

The next phase of the process will be the “switch”.  The cleaner will arrive and in short order will start finding ways to upsell you by charging extra for things like stain removal and a multitude of other services or add on products that you would assume would be standard or included with the standard cleaning service.  Many times the cleaner will use high pressure sales tactics that can make you feel almost threatened.  If you stand your ground and insist on the special price they advertised then lookout because poor workmanship is about to happen.  They will basically do no more than wet your carpets in record time and will be gone, moving on to the next victim.

To avoid these kinds of problems, seek out a reputable professional that doesn’t offer specials that seem “too good to be true”.  Price around with several providers and you will see that prices are similar for the quality services provided.  BioDryClean does not and will not ever offer or participate in misleading or dishonest advertising.  To avoid being taken by unrealistic discount carpet cleaning specials Jefferson City, Missouri 65109, contact BioDryClean at (573) 590-2491.

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