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Dry Carpet Cleaning Professional Jefferson City, Missouri 65109

Dry carpet cleaning professional in Jefferson City, Missouri?  Yes, you read the headline correctly.  How is that possible and how does it work you may be wondering?  Most people haven’t experienced dry carpet cleaning so I’ll try to explain how it works.  Before I get started though I will say that in my opinion our dry cleaning process is superior to ANY wet process such as “steam cleaning” or more correctly “hot water extraction.”

Hot water extraction uses excessive amounts hot, high pressure water and soap to clean your carpets.  It doesn't matter if you hire a professional or if you do it yourself, carpet cleaning processes that use water and soap will leave your carpet, padding and possibly even your sub-floor wet for days instead of hours as some cleaners claim.  Think about it, your carpet, padding and subfloor will readily absorb water like a sponge.  In ideal conditions, mildew can form in 12 hours and mold colonies can form within a day.  Both mold and mildew create unhealthy living conditions in your home. When you choose BioDryClean, your Dry Carpet Cleaning Professional Jefferson City, Missouri 65109, there is no worry about wet carpets.

BioDryClean uses cellulose based “micro sponges” containing mild organic solvent, natural surfactants, anti-static and anti-bacterial agents as well as citrus perfumes. A pH of 7.5 ensures that the process is suitable for all types of carpet and upholstery ranging from wool to synthetic blends.  Our eco-friendly dry cleaning compound is evenly spread over the carpet and immediately agitated into the pile using a counter rotating brush machine.  Each “micro sponge” is impregnated with a 100% organic cleaning solution that dissolves dirt and stains.  The agitation process activates the “micro sponge” and the dissolved dirt is absorbed and captured.  Each “micro sponge” can absorb 10 X its own weight.  Once full, the “micro sponge” is ready to be vacuumed away leaving the carpet DRY & CLEAN with ZERO chance for mold and mildew from wet carpets.

BioDryClean is your Dry Carpet Cleaning Professional in Jefferson City, Missouri 65109.  We hope to earn your business so you can LOVE your carpets again!

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