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Dry Carpet Cleaning Reduces Allergens, Jefferson City and Columbia, MO

The Asthma & Allergy Foundation states, “An allergy is characterized as an overreaction of the human immune system to a foreign protein substance (“allergen”) that is eaten, breathed into the lungs, injected or touched. This immune overreaction can result in symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose and scratchy throat. In severe cases it can also result in rashes, hives, lower blood pressure, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, and even death.”  The image below is a microscopic dust of the primary culprits contributing to poor indoor air quality.

It’s a fact that allergy season is in full swing across Mid-Missouri.  While we don’t have any control over Mother Nature and the allergens affecting us outdoors, we can certainly make an attempt to improve our indoor air quality and significantly reduce allergens commonly found in the home. The most common reaction to poor indoor air quality is perennial allergic rhinitis and is caused by air impurities that are likely in our homes year round. Primary causes of this type of rhinitis are allergic reactions to dust mites, mold, animal dander and cockroach debris.

BioDryClean Dry Carpet Cleaning reduces allergens in your Jefferson City and Columbia, MO home by as much 80% with just one cleaning.  What else can you do to reduce allergens in your home and improve indoor air quality?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Change your HVAC filters monthly.
  2. Have your HVAC ductwork cleaned by a professional at least every 2 years.
  3. Vacuum regularly with an allergy and asthma approved vacuum with (HEPA) filter, which filters out 99.7% of small particles.
  4. Utilize indoor plants as natural air filters.
  5. Maintain healthy humidity levels around 60% to discourage potential for mold and mildew.

Maintaining a healthy indoor air quality requires attention year round as the season’s change.  It’s a constant battle that can be won with the right approach.  BioDryClean Dry Carpet Cleaning reduces allergens in Jefferson City and Columbia, MO homes.  Call (573) 590-2491 today and let us make your home a healthier home today!  

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