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The Power of BioDryClean Dry Carpet Cleaning, Jefferson City and Columbia, MO

There are several ways to go about maintaining the looks and cleanliness of your carpets.  Not all carpet cleaning processes are created equally.  The carpet cleaning industry standard for years has been “steam cleaning” or more accurately “hot water extraction”.  Actually, the hot water extraction process has changed very little since it was invented in 1947.  It has been argued that the only way to truly “deep clean” carpets is with hot water extraction or steam cleaning.  Well, I would like to present an argument that the power of BioDryClean dry carpet cleaning, Jefferson City and Columbia, MO can be just as effective as steam cleaning or hot water extraction but with many added benefits.  Take a look at these before and after photos from a job I did this past Saturday AM.

The soiled areas of the carpet in the hallway are a result of the homeowner using a Hoover carpet cleaning machine.  The residue left behind from the shampoo that dried in the carpet became a magnet for any and all dirt.  The challenge with wet cleaning processes whether done professionally with hot water extraction or with a rented Rug Doctor is the ability of the operator to thoroughly rinse the cleaning solution from the carpet without over wetting it.  Too much water and the carpet, padding and subfloor become wet for days…too little rinsing and you get the leftover soap residue resulting in the rapid re-soiling as seen above. 

BioDryclean solves both problems with its 100% Organic, Eco-Friendly, Kid & Pet Safe, Green cleaning process.  Deep “restorative” cleaning results can be achieved with limited moisture that won’t leave your carpet wet for days or even hours.  We guarantee that you can safely use your carpets immediately after we complete our services.  Our recommendation is that you should never use excessive water to routinely clean your carpets.  Don’t forget, mold and mildew can start to grow under ideal conditions within 24 hrs.  Never underestimate The Power of BioDryClean Dry Carpet Cleaning, Jefferson City and Columbia, MO….You can’t deny the power of dry!  Contact us at (573) 590-2491 for all your challenging carpet cleaning jobs.  We love a good challenge!

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