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Pet Concerns

How Big is Your Problem? Pet Concerns Warrenton MO

The first and most important consideration with urine based pet stains and odor is "How big is your problem"?  Not necessarily the size of the dog or cat (even though size does matter) but how much and how often?  A small puppy will urinate frequently since their bladder is so small but not so much volume...large dogs and cats on the other hand....I'm sure you get the picture.  How much and how often matters and before a plan of attack can be made, the severity of the problem has to be measured.  As a homeowner, you can provide valuable information but the best way to make an accurate determination is to have us perform a UV light inspection and moisture testing.  We will never make promises of guaranteed urine stain and odor removal without understanding the severity of your problem...and neither should any other service provider.

Understanding your options

After we understand how severe your pet stain and odor issues are, we have three different options to attack the problem.Pet safe Cleaning Processes MO

Option #1: For problems with very low odor and light staining, a normal topical treatment and cleaning will be effective...this level of treatment is standard with any of our cleaning services.  We will inspect your carpets with you to determine if you need a more advanced treatment.

Option #2: For more moderate urine contamination issues, we offer a more advanced plan of attack. We will use a combination of enzyme treatments and hot water extraction. This approach helps remove and "break down" urine based residue that has soaked through the carpet backing and into the padding beneath your carpet. This approach will wet your carpet in the spot area and it takes several days for the enzymes to actively decompose the urine. The whole process given the enzyme time factor is 3 to 5 days.  This is an extra cost treatment and is quoted only after inspection.

Option #3: For the most severe problems, the carpet and pad will need to be removed so that the subfloor can be cleaned and sealed.  New padding would need to be installed and finally the carpet backing and front would need to be cleaned. Tack stripping would be installed and the carpet would be installed and stretched to finish up the job. This procedure needs to be quoted on a case by case basis.

Bio Dry Clean MAX ProcessPet Stain Tips

Never Use Ammonia to Clean Up Urine Stains: When trying to free your floors of the urine smell, avoid using ammonia. You will only be giving your pet an invitation to come back and urinate again and again in that spot.

Cleaning Urine from Carpeting:  When you notice the urine, work fast and soak up what you can as soon as you can. Use something absorbent like paper towels or an old rag, replacing them when necessary. 

Add a Cleaning Solution of Vinegar & Water:  When you've finished soaking up as much of the urine as possible, mix a 50/50 solution of warm water and white vinegar then pour some on the urine stain. Using clean paper towels or a clean rag, once again soak up as much of the liquid as possible, put your weight into it so you get as much as you can to help the area dry. You can even stand on the spot to get more of the liquid up and don't forget to use new absorbents when necessary.

Cover with a clean towel to keep others in the house from stepping on the spot you just cleaned.

I would also highly recommend the BioDeodorizer available from Life's helps you deal with urine spots by enzymatic action. Good Stuff!


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