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Wet vs Dry
  BioDryClean vs Wet Processes
Challenge Wet Process BioDryClean Process

Drying time

6 hrs to several days - fans - open doors and windows to accelerate drying

Beware:  Many make false claims of shorter dry times.

ZERO dry time with BioDryClean MAX - No Downtime - No Fans

30 minutes with BioDryClean ZipDry - No Downtime - No Fans

Sanitizes, Disinfects NO. or possibly offered as an add on service with up charge BioDryClean Max - YES with all inclusive pricing
Eco-Friendly Process NO - uses more water, more energy and produces wastewater for disposal YES - uses 99% to 100% less water, less energy and zero wastewater
Potential for Bio-Hazards like mold, mildew and bacteria YES - with longer dry times mold, mildew and bacteria can become a problem NO - Zero Potential
Potential for quick resoling due to left behind residue (soap) YES - very difficult to remove 100% of cleaner (soap) from carpet NO - Zero Water - Zero Potential
Stain "Wick Back" - stains reappear after a few days Very Possible - often times they do depending on operator  NO - Zero Water - Zero Potential
Deep Cleaning with pile lifting brush agitation NO -  high pressure hot water and soap - Think touchless car wash results. Has potential to force dirt and pet hair down to the carpet backing without removal. YES - Counter rotating brush agitation lifts carpet pile and easily brings impurities like pet hair to the surface for removal
Inconvenience Equipment and hoses dragged into the home or business, doors open (think insects, AC, pets, security), noisy truck mount unit parked in drive or front yard. Zero water - Zero hoses - Zero doors open - Quieter than most vacuums - Secure



       Three Room Cleaning Special $99                Pet Odor Removal Services in Columbia MO                Guaranteed 30Day Dry Carpet Cleaning Processes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



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